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Hourglass or belted jackets are part of this look."Whether you indulged in too much Halloween candy or you're swimming nike blazer homme noir in never ending layers to stay warm during those suddenly brisk afternoons, you can still show off a beautifully seductive, runway ready figure this holiday season. Several stylists gave us their secrets on how to hide a dreaded bulge while looking and feeling your very best:High waisted garments, including jeans, leggings and skirts, are all the rage among the stars and with good reason. "These pieces tend to sit at the best spot on your waist and cinch in your waist, causing it to look smaller," says celebrity stylist Ali Levine. "They're not only great to make your waist nike blazer pas cher grise look smaller, but they'll also help you keep up with the fashion trends for the fall and winter months." To avoid appearing frumpy, make sure you wear your correct size by getting a fitting. And to really elongate your appearance, add heels to make your legs appear longer and leaner.Don't Hibernate in Your WardrobeThere's no denying that the freezing winter months will make you want to hibernate under layers of wool, but this can easily make you appear up to several pounds heavier. What to do? "When wearing bulky clothing, like a sweater, always wear it true to size to fit your nike blazer low classic premium white figure," says celebrity stylist Anthony Henderson. "Never wear several thick layers unless you're going to Alaska. When the weather is slightly warmer, wear several thin layers instead." When it comes to your coat, look for one that features a belt to better cinch your waist, creating an hourglass figure without compromising on warmth. "Burberry does it best when it comes to rocking a fabulous look for the fall and winter with a smaller waistline," says Henderson.If you really want to create a trimmer midsection, don't be afraid to take attention away from your waist. Stylists nike blazer vintage low black insist that sometimes showing off your waist with a belt, especially a wide one, can draw unwanted attention to the area as it could appear too bulky with the wrong outfit. However, have all eyes on you by making a bold, chic statement instead. "Wearing a bejeweled neck sweater or detailed collar neck blouse will keep the eye drawn upward and naturally make the waist blend in beautifully with the rest of your body," explains fashion expert Hilary Kennedy. To add sparkle this holiday season, Kennedy suggests rocking a killer pair of rhinestone chandelier earrings.